Concrete Drilling and Diamond Technology - for home use and on an industrial scale!

Due to the proliferation of large-scale reinforced concrete building conversions, treatment of reinforced concrete structures is a cornerstone of the modern construction industry. The traditionally employed demolition and cutting up of reinforced concrete structures for removal is a time-consuming processes associated with high amounts of dust and lots of loud noise. In addition, the support structure of the building being demolished forms debilitating, impermissible cracks due to the vibrationsfrom traditional demolition techniques, which can be dangerous. Chiselling on the surface of reinforced concrete is an inaccurate method, causing cracksrequiring expensive repairs. Diamond technology provides vibration-free cutting with diamond tools, used to saw through reinforced concrete, stone and brick. With dry cutting,a high-performance vacuum cleaner is employed to simultaneously collect all the dust generated while working. In the case of wet cutting, water not only cools and lubricates the equipment, but also washes the broken up material from the already cut surface, so there is no dust.

The Advantages of Concrete Drilling and Diamond Technology

  • can even cut through the steel in reinforced concrete
  • precise and smooth surfaces
  • minimal dust
  • minimal noise compared to other technologies
  • vibration-free
  • fast execution
  • in some cases, nothing else can be used except diamond technology